Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Coming Soon

This past weekend we went down to Hershey, PA to compete in a half marathon. When we signed up in June i had visions of a workout schedule all summer and improving our health along the way. For the most part those stayed as visions, haha. Ok so it didnt go quite as planned, didnt get the boys registered like i wanted to and i was not able to work out as much as planned but we did go, we had some great family time and Robert and I completed the half marathon. we walked it but that was the goal all along, well mine at least, Roberts was to not be last so we made that goal also, finished and not in last place. Anyway we took tons of pictures and i will get them loaded on here this weekend. But as a brief summary we drove down there, went to Chocolate World, did a trolley tour of Hershey and learned all about Mr Hershey, he was an incredible man. We made our own chocolate candy bars, we swam at the hotel, we went to Hershey park (well half of it), we participated in the race, we went back to Chocolate world, did the tour within the building, shopped in the gift shop, then drove home. Left at 730 am on saturday morn and back to our house at 845 pm sunday night, quite the whirlwind, but fun. check back for pictures sometime this weekend.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Michele's Birthday

All gathered around for Michele's Birthday cake, Robert did such a nice job making that for me didn't he. Ok i think Wegmans did a better job.
You can't see her side of the cake but there is a lot of frosting missing.

Ohio Trip May 2010

While in Ohio we went to the Bass Pro Shop.

Grandma Brice being a little crazy.
Kenzie trying to get away from us, really i think she wanted to get through the gate at the top to feed the fish.

The big fish tank, we watched the lady feed them and it was incredible.

We had a little mishap with the trailer and a few things falling off so the next stop we made we took a few pictures to make sure we would know what was missing if it happened again and Grandma Brice couldn't resist getting in the picture.

Cedar Point May 2010

While in Ohio we went to Cedar Point. I will warn you there are no pictures of TJ, Robert or Dustin because they took off and went to do the big rides. I did a few of them with Robert and Grandma Brice watched the other kids. Nick who is not a big fan of the big rides walked around with Kenzie and helped her alot. We also saw a couple shows while we were there and they were great.

Nick and Kenzie waiting in line.

Nick is really enjoying himself isn't he?

Nick and Kenzie floating around on some ride.

Here they are again.

Great Wolf Lodge May 2010

Over Memorial day we went to Ohio and while we were there we stayed at Great Wolf Lodge. Grandma Brice enjoyed the trip with us.

Kenzie sitting in the wolf chair waiting for us to do something i am sure, i think we were just trying to gather everyone so that we could do the next activity. who knows, maybe she just wanted to sit there.

The whole family sitting in front of the fireplace, every family that goes there has to have a fireplace picture, its just tradition i am sure.

At night they had a DJ and a dance party so we were in the lobby dancing. Kenzie and Michele were there also but we were taking the picture, where is Robert, i have no idea!!

Washington DC trip with the 8th graders

Nick is the back left hand corner, this is the whole bus that i spent 3 days with.

Nick and his buddy Dan in front of the White House

Nick in front of the Eternal Flame at Kennedy's gravesite.

Nick in front of the Supreme Court if my memory serves me right

That is a sillouette of Nick at the Lincoln Memorial.

Oops i guess i forgot how to do this, that i have to post the pictures first and then put the description, oh well at least i got the info here for you to read about it.

I spent 3 full days on a bus, 1 bus of 6, with a total of about 280 kids. We left at 7am on Thurs and came back around 11pm on Sat. We went to many musuems, ESPN zone for dinner and medieval times. For the most part the kids behaved but we also had the kids that were just plain horrible. But i did not have any of those kids in my group. they are pretty flexible while you are at a place, giving the kids freedom and the ability to walk around at their own pace. i told my 8 girls that they could go out on their own at the places and if they didnt check back in when they were supposed to i would by walking with them the rest of the time, i think that scared them enough because they all did what i told them to do. here are some pictures

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Silly random pictures

Kenzie likes to wear Robert's hat
Kenzie wants to be like her big brothers and read the comics

Grandma brought some fun costumes for Kenzie to wear